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  •     Greenlime natural tissues are second to none in terms of performance and offer an international user-experience in terms of absorbency and application-specific wet and dry strength. The advanced, hands-free technology using safe and mild processing chemicals make Greenlime natural tissues extremely hygienic and bacteria-free, and safe on the most sensitive human skin.
        Being an ISO-certified company, Pudumjee Hygiene adheres to best Quality, Environment and Food Safety Management Systems. All the inputs for manufacturing and packaging our tissue products are food-grade in compliance with FDA norms, making our products 100% safe on skin and food. ISO certification also opens up our units for secret inspections, keeping us ever-vigilant to serve our customers with assured quality products
    •C-fold Hand Towels

    These precut, extra-thick towel sheets are best known for their wet-strength (do not shred easily even when wet). Unique brand or logo
    embossing on the tissue sheets provide 100% quality assurance.

    Salient Features
    • Specially manufactured base sheet ensures towel remains tough even when wet
    • Distinct embossing pattern for international look and better absorption
    • Each towel is of consistent size and quality
    • Unique brand logo embossing feature ensures quality consistency

    •M-fold Hand Towels

    You don't need to grope for these soft and easy-touse multifold towels due to unique interlocking design, which makes the next towel present itself automatically, ensuring that the users touch only what they use.

    Salient Features
    • Superior absorption
    • Interfolded to ensure convenient one-at-a-time dispensing
    • Low wastage
    • Ideal wet strength; more bulk
    • Unique brand logo embossing feature ensures quality consistency

    •Kitchen Rolls

    Especially suited to the heavy wiping needs of kitchens, this high-absorption tissue product guarantees a super-clean kitchen by delivering a non-messy performance.

    Salient Features
    • Superior wet strength
    • One utility roll = 20 standard kitchen rolls
    • Available in 30-300 metres to suit small / large kitchens
    • Branded inner core—mark of quality and satisfaction
    • Wipes messes, absorbs spills and also preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables

    •Auto-cut Rolls

    These rolls are suited to high-traffic washrooms and kitchens. They are more convenient and promote better hygiene. They don’t require frequent replenishment and save on precious housekeeping time.

    Salient Features
    • Extra-thick for user satisfaction
    • Low wastage; economical as the length per sheet is precut
    • Ideal wet strength