Hygiene Brands :Greenlime, Fosilvra, Ecoline, Lush
Pudumjee Hygiene's Brands :
   Greenlime is our umbrella brand with a range of hygiene solutions that has energized the hygiene industry through innovation, dazzling design, an array of colors (replacing regular whites), and a variety of sizes, based on an understanding of consumer attitudes and usages. Beginning with tissues, under the Greenlime brand, we cover the entire spectrum of hygiene solutions including soap and tissue dispensers, bathroom and facial tissues, paper hand towels, paper napkins, kitchen rolls, toilet rolls, personal toilet seat cover systems, hand-wash solutions, odor neutralizes, hand sanitizers, and cleaning solutions, with more being added regularly. Today, Greenlime has become synonymous with hygiene solutions in India. Our products adorn the shelves of the most prestigious stores in India like Big Bazaar, Spencers, Nigiris, Star Bazaar, Metro Cash YV Carry, to name a few. It is committed to spreading a more hygienic and healthier lifestyle to the teeming millions. Towards this end, we will continue to delight our consumers with international-quality hygiene solutions.
   Fosilvra dispensers are a delight for connoisseurs of style. Swedish for silver, Fosilvra dispensers are a stylish line of sleek steel dispensers with classic Scandinavian looks. Balancing functionality with style, these futuristic dispensers give washrooms in India—particularly at high traffic and upper end locations like airports—the proverbial silver lining. Architects and interior designers take special delight in it.

Steel: Quick facts

• Inhibits the breeding of bacteria and its non-rust properties make it perfect for moisture laden    washrooms

• Recyclable and eco-friendly material

• Resistant to corrosion, high temperature and extreme weather conditions

• Indispensable in hospitals, kitchens and food processing plants

• Aesthetic and sparkling surface can be easily maintained

• Looks modern and chic for years

Ecoline Plus
   Pudumjee Hygiene brings you Ecoline natural tissues made from 100% natural fibre meant to enable heavy tissue users of Indian corporate arrest ecological degradation. It provides such an opportunity to corporate from the IT sector with a heightened sense of social responsibility, like Infosys, Nokia, TCS, Orchid, etc. Greenlime natural tissues offer an excellent performance, and are made of pulp that is not sourced from wood cultivations. These are manufactured with advanced technology, and are totally free of harmful chemicals that damage the environment.
   Where Greenlime stands for premium hygiene products Lush is our brand which aims to provide quality hygiene products at economical prices. Products under Lush have been introduced to cater to the needs of bulk buyers like Restaurants & Catering Services. Lush is popular in the wholesale markets for it value for money products.