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    Chairman Message
    Mr. Arun Kumar Jatia
        It is not a coincidence that the world's most progressive nations are also those that have access to the world's best hygiene solutions. It will be a day of pride, joy and deep fulfillment when I will see our country enjoying similar benefits and facilities. I see a vast potential in the untapped hygiene market in India, not just as a great business opportunity but also as a potent catalyst, that will help make a difference to our country's hygiene standards.

    As a commitment to our vision, we have already invested in excess of U.S $ 72.5 Million in an ultra-modern tissue plant, the world's best technology, sophisticated machinery and seasoned professionals. We have established an efficient nationwide network with the objective of setting the best service standards in the industry. I realize it will be a long haul. But we are here to stay. And I'm prepared to wait. In the coming years, our efforts will echo my words on this page.

         It gives me great satisfaction to see that we have firmly established ourselves as the most preferred choice for innovative and complete washroom solutions. Our products are the most stylish and totally customer centric. Our capability to innovate and anticipate customer expectations has helped us energize the hygiene market to a great extent in India. Our approach to promote the environment friendly recycled range of tissues has also received good response from the responsible citizens of India. This is but the beginning and there is still a long way to go. We need to be persistent on our mission of spreading the hygiene message across each and every individual; through corporate, through retail chains and through educational institutions. We need to innovate continually and offer the best hygiene solutions to our customers.

         Towards this, we have committed significant resources and engaged dedicated teams to achieve our objectives. We are fully confident that in the coming years, these efforts will go a long way in taking Indian hygiene to the next level.