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    Environmental Commitment
        Pudumjee Hygiene’s commitment to the environment is reflected in its products, raw material usage, even systems and processes. Its range includes recycled tissues made from high quality, waste paper grades specially shipped in from USA and Europe. The pulp used is chlorine free and the processing is done in a sophisticated recycling plant using environment friendly Hydrogen Peroxide in pulp bleaching.
        The company’s launch of the greenlime natural range of tissues was a milestone not only in the company’s journey towards its goal, but a landmark in the journey of environment preservation. Today, the green range makes for 70% of Pudumjee’s tissue business, a fact that reflects the high ranking of the environment in an organization’s priority list. By using more of our green range of tissues, institutions and individuals can fulfill their responsibility towards the environment and the society and help us in making our planet a greener one.
    Green Facts
        The pulp and manufacturing processes are completely clorine free.