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  •   Printed Napkins Snack Napkins
     Super soft, super absorbent napkin that do not shred on the skin. Ideal for wiping lips and fingers after snacks or dinner to leave you and your guests fresh and comfortable.

    Napkins are single ply for wiping hand and mouth. Serviettes are premium 2 ply napkins for serving during special occasions.
    They come in following packs:

  • Pop-up napkins – Greenlime Pop-Up Napkins come in a convenient, portable pack, that come in really handy on workstations, conference
  • tables, coffee tables etc.
  • Cocktail serviette– 20x20cm
  • Snack serviette– 30x30cm
  • Dinner serviette - 40x40cm
  •     Snack Napkin Box
    Salient Features of Pop-Up Napkins  
    • Soft and super absorbent
    • Interlocked to ensure easy disposal
    • Cost effective
    • Convenient one-at-a-time dispensing
    • Each tissue is of consistent size and quality