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  • Meet us at "World Largest Paper Show" 1-4 Nov.2015

  • Pudumjee Hygiene at Clean India Show, Mumbai 2013

  • Pudumjee Hygiene at Clean India Show, Bangalore

  • PHPL Participation in Aerodrome show, Mumbai-2012

  • Our Branded distributor vans in the cities of India

  • Greenlime at Deccan College ground, Pune-2011

  • Developing bonds - Greenlime Friends!

  • Hospitality World Exhibition- Bangaore

  • Greenlime well received in small towns

  • Pudumjee at PAPEREX 2009

  • Greenlime launches Instant Freshness

  • Swine Flu seminars

  • A great recipe for hygiene

  • Greenlime 2LF automatic ozone generator

  • Greenlime Kitchen Roll

  • Hospitality World - Mumbai 2008
      Meet us at "World Largest Paper Show", 1- 4 November 2015, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, Hall No.: 9, Stall No.: 938
      Pudumjee Hygiene at Clean India Show, Mumabi 2013
      The 10th Edition of Clean India Pulire was held on 5th, 6th and 7th of December 2013. At the sprawling MMRDA Grounds of Bandra-Kurla Complex over 5000 visitors from across India and other countries including Denmark, France, Middle East, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, HongKong, China, the UK, Switzerland commented on the fantastic products and services showcased by both indigenous and international manufacturers. Pudumjee Hygiene Products Ltd. displayed it’s innovative Hygiene Products at it’s state of Art stall. The sales team from Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat & Goa further extended their support and made this event a huge success.


      Pudumjee Hygiene at Clean India Show, Bangalore 2012
      “The Clean India Show was held from 13th to 14th December 2012 at KTPO Complex, Bangalore. Pudumjee Hygiene Products Ltd. was one of the major brands participating in this event. With its class leading hygiene products and best stall design Pudumjee Hygiene left a long lasting impression on the visitors.

    Pudumjee Hygiene displayed its innovative products like Sensor Based Table Top dispensers, Wall Mounted Center Pull Dispensers and Eco Friendly Range of tissue products at the Clean India Show. There was a massive response with both National and International delegates visiting the stall”

      PHPL Participation in Aerodrome show 2012, Mumbai
           Pudumjee Hygiene Products Ltd. Participation in Aerodrome show 2012 – at Mumbai exhibition ground in April 2012 was a step ahead in our mission of hygiene. Greenlime hygiene solutions already ensure infection free and safe travel for the washrooms visitors at Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Banglore Airports.

    New products launches for the compact aircraft washrooms as well as the large washrooms and kitchens of airports were exhibited in this show. Our participation in this show received good response from upcoming airports in the tier II towns of India. We are sure we can add tremendous value to better the visitor experience at the Airports of India.

      Greenlime hygiene waves are making in-roads in the cities of India via our Branded distributor vans.
      Greenlime at Deccan College ground, Pune-2011
          Greenlime does not leave any opportunity for a close conversation with its consumers and we are present in major consumer exhibitions across India. After the Times Utsav in Mumbai and Chennai we are now present at Deccan college Grounds - Consumer show – Pune,
      Developing bonds - Greenlime Friends!
          Greenlime team invited the socially active members of Mumbai "Mahila mandals" at Goregaon to introduce them to innovative hygienic solutions that can help them keep their skin, food and home particularly kitchens; safe and clean. The response was overhwelming as more than 80 members participated in a fun filled 1.5 hr activity with 1 minute games, product demos and informative sessions. Many members who were not aware of the importance of using and identifying the right tissue wer glad to be a part of this group. Greenlime Kitchen roll was a new product concept to the group and they appreciated the value of this product in-homes. Same was the repsonse for the range of wet wipes and sanitisers. The team efforts were applauded by the attendants and we received an invitation to be a part of various other such group events in Mumbai.
      Hospitality World Exhibition Bangalore
           Pudumjee Hygiene just participated in the Hospitality World Exhibition Bangalore; 24th - 26th June 2010. The focus was on products related to Hotel industry. We launched 15ml Greenlime hand sanitizer pocket packs and Greenlime 2LF Ozone Generator. Both product launches aim for 100% safe and Bacteria free premises.

    We touched upon the Go-Green philosophies of many Hoteliers with our Eco-friendly Natural range tissues which were prominently showcased at the stall. The Pudumjee team also interacted with the Chef visitors at the exhibition and discussed with them the benefits of using HACCP certified, extra absorbent Kitchen rolls which are available in Green, White and Brown colours. Visitors appreciated efforts of the company on bringing Eco-friendly range of products and the overall response was an inspiring experience.

      Greenlime tissues well received in small towns
           PHPL participated in the 5-day consumer exhibition at College Grounds, Nashik, to generate awareness about hygiene-related issues among consumers there, and urge them to choose the “right tissues”. The Greenlime team, with its newly-appointed distributors and some promoters, interacted with consumers amid kitchen roll demos and toilet roll tests, to help them know more about tissues. We were overwhelmed by their response to the wet wipes and menthol wipes that hit the market recently.
      Pudumjee at PAPEREX 2009
      Greenlime launches Instant Freshness
           The brand that enabled Indian housewives to ‘do more’ with its versatile kitchen rolls has now aggressively taken upon itself to provide ‘Instant Freshness’ with a wide range of its wet wipes.
    To help consumers keep their hands 100% safe and away from the deadly flu virus, Greenlime Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitising wipes are available for just Rs 40/- for 10 wipes. They come with the goodness of Triclosan and Aloevera. 
    To provide relief from the symptoms of cold and flu, Greenlime menthol wipes will do away with the need of inhaling steam often and provide instant relief while even when one is on the go. Just 1 sachet of menthol wet wipes, enhanced with natural essential oils will do the trick. Greenlime also has its regular cleansing wipes in 3 fragrances, viz. Cologne, Aloevera and Lime for just Rs 25/- for a 10-wipes pack.
    Furthermore, in an attempt to reach out to the masses, single wet wipe sachets in ‘ladi’ format have also been launched and made available at small shops and kiosks at stations and near bus stops. Even paan shops and medical outlets stock them. These ‘ladis’ now share shelf space with shampoos and gutkha sachets.
    All Greenlime products are dermatologically tested and found to be 100% safe on all types of skin. Greenlime products are available in all metro cities.

      Special Swine Flu seminar for school principals
           Pudumjee Hygiene, in association with NIE (Times of India), organised a special seminar on Swine Flu, for school principals, at the KEM Hospital on Thursday, 6 th August 2009. Renowned paediatrician, Dr. Anand Pandit, along with Dr. Vishwanath Yemul, the Medical Administrator of KEM Hospital, shed useful light on the seriousness of the disease. Dr. Anand Pandit is the Director, of the Department of Neonatology, Paediatrics & TDH Rehabil­itation Centre for handicapped children at the KEM Hospital, and an Honorary Professor of Paediatrics, at the B.J. Medical College in Pune.

    The medical experts answered specific questions posed to them by the 90 odd school principals who attended the meet. As a token of appreciation, each participant in the seminar was given a special bag containing the Greenlime Swine Flu Prevention Pack, some posters on Swine Flu prevention, and a leaflet containing information on Greenlime solutions to prevent contagious diseases like Swine Flu.

      Greenlime sponsored the Cookery Show at Sakaal Arogya “Health Exhibition”
           As part of our consumer outreach plans, we sponsored the Cookery Show at the Sakaal Arogya Festival in Pune on 24th Nov 08. The show received a very good response from the ladies, who enthusiastically showcased their healthy recipes, judged by the cookery queen of India, Ms. Tarla Dalal. Ms. Dalal shared some light moments with each participant scrutinizing their recipes on various aspects. The audience was amused with the talk show between our Marketing Head – Ms. Seema Agrawal and Ms. Tarla Dalal, who shared her path of glory and her tips on healthy cooking. A small demo and the features and benefits of Greenlime Kitchen Roll were shared with the audience. The winners were excited with the gift hampers from Greenlime. Each participant received a free sample of the Greenlime Kitchen Roll and Paper Napkins.

    Greenlime also had a stall for three days in the same exhibition wherein the health conscious consumers in Pune received more information on different types of tissues and how tissues can provide them a clean and hygienic lifestyle.

      Greenlime 2LF automatic ozone generator
          In nature ozone is produced by the action of high energy discharges in lightning on oxygen in the atmosphere. Greenlime recreates this natural process. The ozone produced destroys harmful micro-organisms with which it comes into contact and breaks down malodour-causing compounds therefore neutralizing the unpleasant smells they produce. Because ozone is a gas it penetrates to even the most inaccessible locations. The process leaves no chemical residue, with all "unused" ozone reverting to oxygen within a short time.
      Greenlime Kitchen Roll
           We recently launched our flagship product Greenlime Kitchen Roll in Pune and Bangalore with a flourish. The people of India happily welcomed their "Best friend in the kitchen" this festive season. Greenlime was seen across leading newspapers, radio, hoardings, shops, societies, parlours and gyms. Active consumer interaction was the highlight of the launch.
      Hospitality World - Mumbai 2008
          India's largest hotel and foodservice equipment annual tradeshow held from 24th to 26th September 2008 on the MMRDA Grounds, Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai, India proved to be an excellent showcase for Pudumjee Hygiene Solutions. Hosted by India's most respected media conglomerate - The Express Group, the show had the who's who of the hospitality world. The large number of visitors, who visited the Pudumjee Hygiene Solutions stall, got to experience the new face of hygiene - a wide range of color, style, automation and innovation in workplace hygiene solutions that hitherto was unseen in India. The show proved to be the perfect platform for business for Pudumjee Hygiene Solutions.