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    Our core competence: Expertise in tissues  
        Pudumjee Hygiene has 100 years of expertise in speciality paper manufacturing, something we understand like nobody else. This is best reflected in the imaginative differentiation created in our tissues. That is why, toilet rolls manufactured by us are different from kitchen rolls, and kitchen rolls from facial tissues or napkins. Differentiating factors that lend singularity and uniqueness to each tissue are the base sheet used, bulk, wet-strength, number of ply, the size, and embossing patterns, among other things. The idea is to create our unique signatures on our offerings to prevent possible duplication of our products.
        To this effect, we have introduced brand name and logo embossing on tissue sheets and branding of the inner cores of our tissue roll products. Our varied tissues provide a perfect blend of S-A-S — softness, absorbency and strength, to give you the best performance from each tissue product. We understand that tissues come in contact with the skin and food. Hence, our tissues are 100% safe, chlorine free and made with FDA-compliant raw materials. Furthermore, our manufacturing processes are based on our long-standing respect for both natural biodiversity and sustainable working practices. Our virgin tissues are sourced from sustainable natural resources and our 100% natural fibers are manufactured in a safe and environment-friendly manner. We actively promote the use of 100% recycled tissues through our Greenlime range.