April 22, 2024

Forvia’s Green Drive: What’s Under the Hood of Their Eco-Friendly Operations?


Forvia is a French global automotive supplier and a leader in sustainable mobility technology. With expertise in electronics, clean mobility, lighting, interiors, seating, and lifecycle solutions, Forvia drives innovation and change in the automotive industry. As the seventh-largest global automotive supplier, Forvia employs over 157,000 people across 40 countries and plays a significant role in equipping around half of all vehicles produced worldwide with their technology. Their mission focuses on pioneering mobility technology that enhances people’s lives while prioritizing sustainability and environmental care.


Forvia encountered the challenge of sourcing consistent, high-quality tissue products that were also eco-friendly and made from recycled materials, aligning with their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Our solution involved meticulous product sampling and certification checks to ensure consistent, high-quality, and eco-friendly tissue products met Forvia’s standards and sustainability goals effectively.

Results Achieved

Forvia has been a loyal and satisfied customer, relying on our high-quality and sustainable tissue products for their operations for over seven years. This long-standing partnership is a testament to our commitment to meeting and exceeding their expectations consistently.