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April 22, 2024

Kolte Patil’s Green Dream Homes: Redefining Eco-Living!


Kolte Patil Developers, a top real estate developer in Pune, is renowned for its premium commercial and residential properties. With a legacy spanning nearly three decades they have established a strong presence in the Pune residential market and have expanded their footprint to Mumbai and Bengaluru, developing over 50 projects with a saleable area of approximately 20 million square feet. Kolte Patil is synonymous with high-quality standards, innovative design, transparency, and a commitment to timely delivery, making them a trusted and reputable name in the industry.


Kolte Patil Developers were struggling with the challenge of balancing premium quality with highly discounted rates, striving to deliver exceptional value without compromising on the standards that define their brand excellence.


We conducted thorough sampling of premium M/Fold products to ensure optimal quality and value, aligning with Kolte Patil Developers’ vision of delivering excellence while meeting their budgetary requirements.

Results Achieved

Following approval from management, the premium M/Fold product was successfully supplied to all luxury sites, meeting Kolte Patil Developers’ stringent quality standards and enhancing the overall experience for their clients.